Technology in my Classroom

I use technology as an aid in teaching as a way to incorporate authentic content and media into language learning. My technology-based activities and assignments are well structured and most often involve pair and groupwork.

Online Discussion Boards
Homework Listening Logs
  • Summary of listening material
  • Vocabulary
  • Synthesis of what was learned
In-Class Activities Summary and Reactions
  • Posted work
  • Peer Evaluations
Audio Discussion
  • Post an oral summary of a listening passage or response to a speaking prompt
  • Post oral comments to classmates by using the reply button
Student-created Listening Activities
  • Develop a set of questions for a chosen passage
  • Post the url of the listening and the questions in a message
  • Other students do the activities and post their answers using the reply function
Online Chat
Worksheets Set up chat rooms
  • 2-3 students per room
  • Give a worksheet or set of questions to one group member
  • Interview each other
Chat Buddies Fall Semester, 2009, I assigned each of my students to a native English-speaking chat buddy. They were to have a 30–minute chat conversation every two weeks. Then, in class we analyzed and corrected their chat conversations.
Video and Audio Production
Videos Example Topics I've Used
  • Demonstration Videos (like
  • Presentations in class
  • 3 Tips (eg, How to Get Rich Quick)


  • Students watch themselves for self-evaluation
  • Students take notes on classmate's presentations
Audio Assignments
  • Advice Call-in Show
  • Interviewing a native speaker
  • Personal Experiences and Stories


  • Students listen to themselves for self-evaluation
  • Students take notes on classmate's presentations